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Wonderful night sharing Mindfulness with Moray Business Women

Wednesday night and we drive into the hills to share Mindfulness with the Moray Business women club. We have been invited to give a presentation to the women who have regular meet ups which usually involve food and nice could we refuse?

The venue was the Craigellegie Hotel, which is stunning and inspiring; its been renovated in a beautiful contemporary but in keeping with traditional style. The function room was stunning; huge round tables with white linen and flower displays.

We enjoyed a two course meal, which was fabulous and then it was time to give our presentation. So for 45 minutes we showed a powerpoint, had some banter, and shared experiential practices, tools to help people be more present and calm down when the stress of running a business kicks in.

It was great to share the practices with people when they've had a couple of drinks...definately chilled and relaxed audience. It was great fun, everyone was friendly and open to new ideas.

We had lots of positive feedback that we had pitched the presentation just right, and the tone suited the group...We would love to present more mindfulness practices to this great group of women, and to the wider group of Scottish Business Women; maybe for a short retreat; mindfulness lite, with wine?

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