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Director of Mindful Forces and Mindfulness Trainer and Mindfulness Supervisor

Originally from Liverpool, I gained a BSc Honours degree in Medical Cell Biology from Liverpool University; studying Human Physiology, Biochemistry, Genetics and specialising in Radioimmunoassay of Oesophageal cancer cells. After travelling and studying Yoga and Mediation in India in the 1980's and starting a family, I moved to Scotland and trained as a Biology Teacher gaining a PGCE in Northern College, Aberdeen in 1997. My first permanent teaching job was Headteacher of a small rural Secondary School on the West Coast of Scotland which was an wonderful immersive and  an authentic 'community school' experience. Since 2001 to 2019 I have enjoyed teaching Biology and Science in a large (800 pupils) Morayshire Secondary School, also introducing Mindfulness practices to over 4000 teenagers in the classroom.  Having practiced Meditation and Yoga for over 30 years I gained a Masters in Mindfulness studies in 2013 from the University of Aberdeen. I have researched, written and trialled Mindfulness courses in a wide variety of settings: Education, Business, NHS, Secondary pupils, Armed Forces.  I enjoy speaking at Conferences, courses and running meditation retreats in collaboration with a wide range of other teachers. I am a fully qualified, experienced Mindfulness teacher since 2013, and annually meet the "UK Mindfulness Good Practice Guidelines." I have taught the MBLC and other MBI's over 20 + courses. I have now completed training to be a Mindfulness Supervisor, teaching, mentoring and supporting the facilitators in Highland Mindfulness Group and one to one Supervision to Mindfulness Teachers. Since 2016, I have been committed to establishing 'Mindful Forces' and bringing 'Right' Mindfulness Training to the Armed Forces, Police and their communities. I have been working alongside some wonderful people in the British Armed Forces including the Defence Buddhist Network (Mindfulness Support), the Defence Mindfulness Steering Group (Curriculum Development). I am a member and teacher on the 'Kalyana Mitra' Buddhist Chaplain Support Group within the Armed Forces and currently developing Mindfulness curricular materials and accreditation for a new EU Spiritual Caregivers Support Group. A member and Assistant PR of SATI (Society of Ancient Theravaden Institute). My personal daily practice is in the Mahamudra Training in the Tibetan Vajrayana 'Karma Kagyu' Tradition through Palpung Institute, India with Tai Situpa Rinpoche (2016-2024).

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