Serving British Armed Forces

Jan and Elke of  have been building links with our local Armed Forces Communities.

* In 2016 they ran a 7 week Mindfulness Course in Kinloss Royal Engineers Barracks in The Hive. 

* Free taster session on Mindfulness in Kinloss. 

A free taster session held in Kinloss saw 35 people from The Armed Forces Community enaging with Mindfulness teachers from NHS and Mindfulness 37. A powerpoint showed the principles of Mindfulness and after the teabreak everyone joined in with the Mindfulness practices. This was followed by an interesting Q and A.

* 2017 Invited to Kinloss Barracks to talk about Mindfulness to families and serving personnel.

* 2017 Cameron Barracks, Wimberley Way, invited to come and speak to Community Forum on the benefits of Mindfulness to Armed Forces personnel and families.

* 2017 RAF Lossiemouth, invited to come and take part in Wellness Day with RAF staff and community, racing awareness of Mental Health in Tri-services community

* Running Mindfulness courses in The Seaforth Club, Nairn to encourage more members of the Armed Forces Community to come and try Mindfulness for wellbeing.


Recent research has been carried out with US Marines which shows increased resilience in troops who trained pre-deployment and were tested when they returned from active service on tour. There was a significant increase in resilence (ability to 'bounce back') in the participants who regularly practices the Mindfulness Practices.


We are currently offering confidential one to one mindfulness training sessions in our warm, nurturing practice space in Nairn
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Mindfulness Training is currently being researched in a number of contexts connected with the Military.

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Veterans of the British Armed Forces

Veterans from our Armed Forces can face difficulty when they leave and integrate back into 'Civvy Street'. Jan Grigg is particularly interested to do Mindfulness Training with local and National Veterans Groups including Poppy Scotland and the Thistle Foundation.