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Living with Compassion is an intelligent, wise response to the suffering in the world; we see it, acknowledge it, and wish to alleviate it, in ourselves, in our family, in our friends and gradually including a global  perspective on understanding the causes of suffering and wanting to remove them.


Living with 'Mindfulness' means being more aware of what’s going on in your Thinking Mind (thoughts, ideas, concepts, assumptions etc.), Body (sensations, heat, cold, pressure, pain, pleasure) and Feelings (emotions of happiness, sadness, mischief, fear, playfulness). We do this with the motivation to really wake up out of the dream-like state of 'autopilot' mode, gradually harness our full potential as a human being and offer our best self to help transform our world for the better.(No pressure then, lol)


When we train in Mindfulness we are learning to pay more  attention to our present moment thoughts, feelings and body, cultivating warmth , kindness and care to our experience. Through our meditation insights, and group discussions, we gradually practice letting go of our attachment to over-thinking, releasing unhelpful conditioned patterns including our 'inner critic', self-saboteur, Inner-moaner. We slowly and gradually recognise our 'true nature' which is naturally open-hearted, loving, kind, generous, forgiving and fun. We bounce back from life's knocks more quickly.


When we wake up to our increasing potential, we waste less time being negative, blaming, mean, miserable, resentful, angry and get on with life with much more energy and purpose

Mindfulness Training Courses on Zoom
Organisations and Individuals


  • For groups of up to 15 participants we offer ...

  • One hour 'Taster Sessions in Mindfulness on Zoom (£50)

  • Face to face 'Taster' sessions for a group (£60/hour)

  • Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC) lasts 8 weeks x 2 hours (£960)

  • Mindfulness in the Workplace lasts 5 weeks x 2 hours (£540)

  • Mindfulness in the Workplace lasts 6 week x 90 mins/week (£540)

  • Kindfulness' (Self-Care) Course lasts 4 weeks x 2 hours (£480)

  • For Individuals

  • Mindfulness sessions for individual clients(£40-£60/hour depending on your income)

  • Mindfulness Supervision for Teachers (£60/hour)

  • Please enquire by email to

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