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The Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC) is a weekly Mindfulness course based on the Mindfulness Association’s Mindfulness One Year Training. It is an eight week course consisting of eight classes, which are typically two hours long. A day of Mindfulness practice may be offered if the group would like to attend at a time agreed by the group.

The group is small, usually from 8-15 people. We sit on chairs and learn to practice Mindfulness together. There are opportunities for everyone to share their experiences with the group if they want to, and then everyone learns together. The groups are always very friendly and supportive, providing a safe place to come and practice. We tend not to talk about our individual situations, (the content of our lives) but about the experiences of the practices as we are doing them and about our home practice experiences.

The weekly themes are:

  • Week 1 – Start Where We Are-and we are really ok when we sit together!

  • Week 2 – The Body as a Place to Stay Present-learning to be at home in our skins

  • Week 3 – Introducing Mindfulness Support-when we get distracted we have somewhere to 'land'.

  • Week 4 – Working with Distraction-we all get distracted and its ok!

  • Week 5 – Exploring the Undercurrent-the non-stop thoughts that bubble up all the time

  • Week 6 – Attitude of the Observer-learning to watch our thoughts rather than get carried away

  • Day of Practice (this can be agreed by the group and may be a follow on day)

  • Week 7 – Self-acceptance-learning to be kind to our experience

  • Week 8 – A Mindfulness Based Life-learning to make everyday life more mindful

  • Follow Up – The Rest of Your Life-I support the on-going practice for groups in the community by going along to their groups and guiding practice when requested.


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